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The short answer is no. We work on a "least privilege" model that means we only have the system access and privileges that are required to support & maintain your systems. We do not use your administrator accounts so you do not need to give us your passwords for these.

Yes. Our services are "elastic" in that the fee you pay is based on the number of users or devices that are covered. You can adjust these numbers on a monthly basis.

Yes, with our fully managed IT service, we take ownership of all things IT. For applications and systems that we do not support directly, our service desk will facilitate the resolution of any issues and provided assistance to your other system vendors.

Managed IT services place the responsibility for the delivery of the service on the service provider. They are typically measured in terms of Key Service Objectives (KPO), Key Service Levels (KSL) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). In Netfocus, reactive services such as IT support and procurement are managed by our service delivery manager whereas proactive services such as infrastructure checks, fail-over testing and equipment inspections are managed by our customer solutions manager.

Because security and data protection are impacted not only by technology but by people and process, we cannot guarantee you that someone won't save a file to the wrong location and then loose that file or leave a password stuck to a computer screen. We can however mitigate the risk of data loss by having in place reliable backups, user education programmes and strong technology defences. When we first audit your site(s) during our customer onboarding process, we assess your security risk profile as well as your current security posture to help you understand the actions required to safeguard your networks and your data.